Project Background – FAQs

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Common Questions

What is the purpose of this project?
The purpose of this project is to complete the design and reconstruct the pavement along this section of Highway 401 while also rehabilitating deficiencies in the existing roadway, including bridges, ramps and culverts. Ultimately this will increase the long-term performance of this section of Highway 401. A secondary purpose is that the design will accommodate future expansion and will minimize future maintenance needs.

Will there be delays to traffic on Highway 401?
When the construction work on the corridor begins, road users may experience some traffic disruptions, delays, or road closures. The project team has worked to minimize disruptions through the preparation of a construction staging plan and pre-planned local detour routes. Updates will also be posted here so that road users are aware of the planned construction activities and can adjust routes accordingly.

How long will road closures last?
Full road closures for through traffic on Highway 401 will occur for a limited duration when work is being completed on the underpasses and will only occur at night. Mill Road will be closed for approximately three months for construction of a new bridge. The exact dates of closures will be posted in the Traffic & Construction Updates page.

There are no other anticipated road closures at this time, however, lane reductions on Highway 401 and Union Road are expected to result in delays.

How will this impact emergency service providers/vehicles?
The project team has contacted the various emergency service providers in the area so that they are kept updated on the progress of the project and the anticipated closures, delays and detours. In addition, access for emergency service vehicles will be maintained at the Union Road interchange at all times in all directions.

How do I get involved in this study?
The project team would be glad to receive/address any comments, concerns or inquiries you may have regarding the study. Please visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with key project staff or to submit a comment.